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  • 01:46 ZDF heute news redesign (2009)

    ZDF heute news redesign (2009)

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    For the news program "heute" (meaning "today") of the German federal broadcast channel ZDF the studio image, content and narrative style have all been thoroughly re-worked during an almost 3 year process. That includes classic elements such as the openers

  • 01:05 ALBAGHDADIA NEWS (2010) ‎البغدادية الأخبار

    ALBAGHDADIA NEWS (2010) ‎البغدادية الأخبار

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    Newsdesign for the Iraqi TV channel Albaghdadia including openers, closers, infographics, maps, lower thirds, correspondent windows. The logo dot which serves as a trigger in the promotion system is taken into 3d space here. It is the carrier for all type