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Taemin Can't Be More Excited while Expressing His Excitement for His Members' Return This Year

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SHINee is going to be back soon!

SHINee's Taemin has been busy with his solo activities as well as his promotion with SuperM in the year 2019 after his members all enlisted into the military.

However, with Shawols being occupied with Taemin's solo activities, time sure flew past quickly and now, it's already the year 2020.

Excited for the year is not only Shawols but Taemin too as he shared what fans could look forward too in 2020.

Taemin had his second solo concert 'T1001101' held in Japan over the period of 28th - 29th December as well as the final day of 2019.

During his talk time, Taemin didn't miss the chance to show his excitement for his members' return.

He went, "More than anything, this year of 2020 is the year SHINee members will all return!

We promised that we would prepare something new and stand in front of the fans again so I would be glad if everyone could wait for SHINee!” with a huge smile on his face.

Onew is set to discharge in July while Key and Minho will be ending their enlistment duty in October and November respectively.

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